Hi and welcome to Olive & Betty! Colourful homewares designed and handmade in London by me, Jenny. 
The beginning of the story...
Spending the majority of time in my little London flat for the last few months has really made me think about what home means to me. Not only the four walls that surround me and the environment that works for me, but the deeper meaning behind the word.
So who are Olive & Betty?
Like many, when I think of home, I think of family. I think of growing up in Sheffield, childhood memories and in particular, the women who have shaped who I am today. Olive and Betty, or Granny and Nana respectively, are my two incredible grandmothers. Two strong, loving and gentle women. When I think of home I think of the colourful and happy memories I'm so lucky to hold with them.
My vision for Olive & Betty
I hope with Olive & Betty that I can share this colour with you and bring brightness into your homes, even in just a small way. I strongly believe that colour can have a transformative effect on your mood, with the ability to instantly lift your spirits. I hope the homewares I design and make can do that for you.